Miguel Angel

  do you see that? Up there in the title. This little guy was named after Angel and I, how cool is that? Okay, so maybe his father’s name, and his grandfather’s name had something to do with. But that won’t keep us from claiming that he was named after his favorite photographers.

  We had Miguel and his mommy in the studio the same day as Brendan (Kelly and Miguel had been here before to do maternity pictures a few months back), we had so much fun photographing this little guy, we kept trying to get him to disclose his eyes for a little bit so that we could get some traditional newborn pics. But he was way too interested in what was going on around him, we were all trying to be so quiet to get him to lull into sleep but he would have no part of that!


  So after a while we figured out that he may need a little more noise than we typically create so we put an iPod on the stereo and pretty soon he fell right asleep. We learn something every time we do one of these shoots!


Mommies love these little detail shots, their babies don’t stay so small forever!


  Don’t forget to contact us for your maternity and newborn session, we have a package deal if you do them both! Be sure to plan on your maternity session during your eighth month, and the babies newborn session within their first two weeks!