Geneva’s gift…

(are you ladies listening?  Gift ideas follow…)

  Geneva wanted to do something very special for her boyfriend, so she contacted us about doing a calendar shoot. we sat down and brainstormed some ideas for the session and we put our heads together to find all the props and the locations and the wardrobe. This was going to be a birthday present that her boyfriend would not soon forget…

Tasteful images both in the studio and on location along with some very thoughtful props combined to make a spectacular calendar  that John will cherish for a long time.


these are the 12 months from the calendar just as they were printed.  Had to keep my mouth shut for a while as John’s birthday wasn’t for a few months from the shoot, but I asked Geneva to let me know what he thought of it when he finally got it, and she wrote this…

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful Birthday gift that you gave John.  I got a picture of him with his eyes popping out of his head as he took a glance at the picture on the cover.  It was so great, He didn't even know they were my boobs!!! :)   His first question was, "who's boobs are those?, they are AWESOME!!!"  My response, "Mine Duh"  He loved the calendar and thought every picture was super sexy and tasteful!!!  you and Angel did an amazing job, you can go ahead and post all pictures.  I think they are all appropriate.

Thanks again!  Can't wait to do it again!!


maybe I get that picture that she mentioned and posted here as well one day!