Sara & Mikel Engagement

  Back at the end of Summer we met up with Sara & Mikel for their engagement shoot, they love the outdoors so we did the shoot at a small park in Roanoke County.

  Our couples always ask “what should we wear?” to which we reply to wear something you’re comfortable in, that makes you feel good, and make sure that you match each other.  No, no, no, not in a creepy “we are wearing matching sailor outfits” kinda way but in a “we both are dressed for night on the town” way, or “we’re headed out for a hike” kinda way…  Sara and Mikel nailed it, both wearing casual but cute looks that could have come from a catalog shoot.

  …with his awesome hat and relaxed smile, Mikel rocked this shoot.


Such a fun, laid back couple we couldn’t wait for the wedding day!IMG_0012

I love this, the way they’re looking at each other, the warm sun behind them lighting up the meadow…IMG_0024

There is a natural calm when they’re together…IMG_0034IMG_0038

Sara, Hollywood is calling, they need Jodie Foster back!  I noticed it this day, but their wedding day she really was channeling Jodie!  Check out the dimples, how cute!IMG_0048

See, relaxed comes right through the camera into the image…IMG_0067

So Happy!IMG_2096

Adorable, both of ya!IMG_2138-2

Rules were meant to be broken, even though, I love this image!IMG_2173

Stay tuned for the wedding images soon!