Turkey, pilgrims, a cornucopia... ?

  No, although it is just around the corner, this is about real thanks...

  Today you see is my half birthday! Well, not my birthday, but my other half's birthday, my soulmate, my puzzle piece, my fuzzy spoon (ask if you want, it's a long story!).

  Today a few years (!) ago my Angel was born, a few years later we met and fell in love, puppy love, schmoopy, PDA-filled 14 year old love. A few years later we found each other again and we have been together ever since! We have been together longer than we have not!

  This is what a dear friend and bride had to say after her honeymoon last week...

  Jimmy & I left the real world so quickly on Sunday that this is the first time I have had to send you a quick email to thank you and Angel. I am beyond impressed with your professionalism, teamwork and shared vision. I have watched you and Angel grow from that first Coda (I think) the amazing "performance" at my wedding. You are both so talented and have an awesome really are soulmates!!

  I am truly blessed to have you as my friends and I am so thrilled that you took my photos. My family LOVED you two and I have nothing left to say but, thank you and I am on pins and needles to see the pictures!

(aww... thanks Liane!!)

And to my AWESOME wife

Happy Birthday Baby!!