Angela and Nathan (and Tripp too!!)

Angela, Nathan and Tripp met us for coffee one evening with Angela's parents and we sat down to discuss their upcoming wedding.  Angela was very enthusiastic about her wedding, her eyes seemed to light up whenever she mentioned any of the details.  Nathan was engaged as well and had several good questions for us (most grooms seem to be going along with whatever at this point!), you could see how in love they were as the meeting went on you would catch the glances that they gave the other while they were talking that they thought no one else saw, it was incredibly sweet!

The whole time Tripp was sitting there (he is 4 or 5...) bored to tears, but being quite a little gentleman, very respectful, just a good little boy.  Fast forward a few months...

So we discussed doing their engagement shoot Downtown at a few different locations and Tripp came along for the whole 2 hours ordeal...  and he was great!  We talked as we moved from location to location and got to know the three of them.  Tripp may act shy if you meet him, but he'll open up quick when you show just a little interest.  Well, enough of my gabbing, let's see the images!

Just a leisurely stroll in Downtown Roanoke...

IMG_0009 So in love…IMG_0017 Boys will be boys…IMG_0029 Tripp has some serious muscles, wanna see?IMG_0036 IMG_0050 Tripp is a sweet kid, it really shows here…IMG_0058 Shall we dance?IMG_0064IMG_0072 A fun one just for Tripp…IMG_0081 Playing hide and seek, I think Tripp has a slight advantage here…IMG_0086 Such a great looking couple together or individually…IMG_1397IMG_1417IMG_0114   as well as a super-fun family!IMG_7142We had a great time hanging out with you guys!

Keep an eye out for the Wedding images soon!