Prom 2010

  Our Godson Erin and his friends were headed to prom and gave us a call to ask if we could do a few pictures for him and a few friends before they headed out to dinner.  We gathered up some gear from the office and looked around outside and settled on a corner of our neighbors backyard…

Erin played the guinea pig for me with a test shot, and obviously he approves!  ;-)IMG_0004

Jackie stepped in for some cute images of the two of them…IMG_0010

Very Mr. and Mrs. Smithe hereIMG_0014

Stunning, great smile, beautiful girl…IMG_0017 Jackie tellin’ Erin like it is!!IMG_0020 A dashing young man…IMG_0022 Adorable…IMG_0026 Cute smile, confident…IMG_0030 A quite handsome fella…IMG_0034 A little fun…IMG_0042 The whole gang, this one’s for the parents…IMG_0046 And these two are for the kids, very rockstar don’t you think?IMG_0052 Working it, the coolest kids at prom!IMG_0054_1

Thanks for having some fun with this guys, we had a blast!