Divine Dance Studio…

  Here locally we are lucky to have such a talented group of teachers and dancers located at the studio over on Brambleton Ave. at Divine Dance Studio.  Amazing, amazing dancers who work hard, have a lot of heart and are great kids!

  This year Riley contacted us to shoot the studio portraits of all of their groups (48 that we photographed) as well as individuals for those who scheduled a time during the week leading up to Recital.  We met with Riley and discussed how everything should work, how to make it flow better and when everything would take place.

  We got everything setup and waited for our first dancer to arrive, we joke around some with them to loosen up a little and then get down to helping find a few poses that worked out well for them in that particular costume and the magic started happening.  A collaboration between dancer and photographer took place that showed off their capabilities and beauty in a still image…


Ballet…IMG_0015 Christina rocked her sessions!IMG_0019 Little bears!IMG_0027 Dancers from all time periods!IMG_0072 Adorable little kitties!IMG_0083 IMG_0087 IMG_0094 IMG_0107 IMG_0108 IMG_0123 IMG_0127

Attitude, they has it!IMG_0023 Sisters!

IMG_0195IMG_0027 Dorothy showed up!IMG_0048 Attitude, oh yeah!IMG_0087 See, I told you!IMG_0121 So graceful…IMG_0142 Talented…IMG_0185 you remember Jessi right?IMG_0195 IMG_0197 Starr was able to hold some amazing poses way longer than should be humanly possible!IMG_0208

Someone mentioned working with little ones was like herding cats, well here is a well-behaved bunch of kittens!IMG_0038 Divine + Attitude = Hip-Hop!IMG_0054-Edit  Annie!  Broadway here they come!IMG_0068

IMG_0011 IMG_0019 Rodeo!  A big group that would NOT fit on the backdrop!IMG_0030 An amazing dance, beautiful but sad…IMG_0081 The Wizard of Oz, so cute!IMG_0096 Coffee Break!IMG_0108 I’m totally not a tap dance fan, but when the kids performed this routine to the White Stripes song Seven Nation Army I got a little emotional…IMG_0112  IMG_0130 IMG_0141 Awesome routine, great make-up!IMG_0149

The staff at Divine (from left to right) Elyse, Riley, Sammi, and Tamarah!IMG_0135

Thanks for having me!!


Here was the setup!  AB800 in a 30x60 softbox for main,  AB800 with a grid for hair, and ABR800 with umbrella for fill! IMG_0177