Alright, so a bunch of shoots back to back (almost) and a trip to the beach and I’m just now getting caught back up from the beginning of the month!  Well, keep an eye out for another dancer shoot coming (thanks Jessi!), a boudoir shoot (thanks Kara!), a senior shoot as well as Prom (thanks Erin!).  I’ll work on getting these up soon!

  What?  You didn’t know we did boudoir?  Well, there is a big gallery on the site…  …no wait, there’s not a gallery, well not yet, we are doing some free boudoir shoots through the summer in hopes of launching boudoir in late summer, maybe early fall.  Do you want to feel good about how you look, empower yourself as a woman, embrace who you are??  Let me know, we’re still looking for help in this area.


  Until later,