Keeping my promise...

...well as I promised, here are more images from the wedding on the 19th of Paul & Kathy Barrell...

the beautiful bands...
Paul getting some last minute adjustments...
Kathy and her beautiful bridesmaids!
The men are ready to go...
Kathy's brother gave her away on behalf of the family, what a gorgeous bride!
Paul and Kathy along with their niece watered a newly planted tree in the front yard in honor of their parents during the ceremony
As the couple arrived at the reception...

Shortly after delivering to Kathy and Paul I received an email inviting me to use this on the website...

"Paul and I were married outside our home on July 19, 2008. We were very excited when we found out that the photographer and his wife had been past students of Paul's. We knew we wanted a few pictures taken during the wedding and the typical bridal party shots after the wedding but we had no idea what else we wanted or who we wanted to include.We also did not want the hassle or time taken away from our guests for pictures. Michael and his wife, Angel put our minds as ease. They came to the rehearsal on Friday, just to get ideas of where they could be, that would cause the least amount of distraction during the ceremony and still be able to get some wonderful pictures. We immediately knew we had hired the right person for the job. It was a relief to know that we had found someone we could trust to do a fantastic job.
The day of the wedding Michael and Angel came early and took pictures before the actual wedding. Not all of the pictures were your standard "family-bridal party pictures". I was amazed at some of the settings that he came up with for us individually and as a couple. He took pictures of us on the steps inside the house, looking out the bedroom window at the wedding site, coming out the front door, etc.
I can't say enough positive statements about Michael and the job that he did for us. We were extremely pleased with his friendly nature and ability to make us feel comfortable, as well as , his professionalism, expertise and creativity that he shows in the pictures that he takes.


I want to thank them again for letting us share that beautiful day with them and their friends and family!


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